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Our Story

It started just over 30 years ago, when one of our directors first learned to ride a motorcycle. While always loving two and four wheels, our founder has always had at least one motorcycle  in the garage, and often two. The second one was nearly always a scooter. 


Fast forward to 2021 and the start of the explosion of electric vehicle sales in New Zealand. Electrification is the way forward; this much is clear, but two classes of vehicles in Aotearoa have stubbornly refused to fully embrace the electric revolution. One is commercial vehicles, the other is motorcycles. 


Motorcycles, as well as scooters have always been the quick way to commute across towns and cities. They are light, nimble, they beat the traffic, are easy to park and are frugal. Regardless of how frugal a petrol scooter might be, an electric scooter is always dramatically more frugal. Because 85% of Aotearoa's power is renewable, our electric power truly is clean, which helps makes scooters the most environmentally-friendly methods of travel available, other than vehicles that are self-powered (walking, bicycles and e-bikes). With weather protection, under-seat storage, and greater visibility, scooters are the mid-point between a car and an e-bike, for about the same price as the latter. 


In late 2022, we first discussed the idea of sourcing high-quality motorbikes. We started to look for quality scooter and motorcycle brands. Our requirements were simple. We wanted a global brand, with good parts supply, a decent warranty, a proven record, an innovative streak and great battery technology. There were plenty of cheap brands around with tiny batteries, or weak motors, however we knew we wanted a powerful battery even if that drove up the cost of the scooter. Although batteries are expensive, nothing is more expensive than buying a scooter that doesn't have a usable range; our product needed good real world range, they needed to be dependable and they needed their own style (not a me-too Vespa look). We found all these in Horwin, a brand with design HQ in Austria and high-quality manufacturing in China. 


For some, being made in China is a problem. However, China is the world's biggest automotive market and is a clear leader in electric vehicles and battery technology. Their products are often world-beaters - did you know that most of the Tesla Model 3 sold in New Zealand are made in China?


We launched in New Zealand in July 2022, and through our extensive automotive contacts aim to have the highest quality retail partners across Aotearoa New Zealand.


Our aim is to transform affordable transport for individuals and businesses. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.​


Enjoy the freedom, the fun, the flexibility and the frugality that Horwin scooters offer.


Ride Safely.


The Horwin team. 

Let's Work Together

Have a project, and idea or would like to partner with us? Get in touch. 

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