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Reserve yours now
for just $100

Freedom to beat the traffic, to go where and when you chose, park closer and ride with zero emissions. Freedom to pay around 1 cent per kilometre for fuel, and to use your savings when and where you like.


  Freedom to beat the traffic. 

Deposit refundable.
Reserve now collect it next week!

With just a $100 deposit (refundable) you can reserve your new Horwin and get it delivered to a dealership near you.

We'll keep you in touch in the progress of your scooter, and timing of your local dealership opening. We can even discuss optional payment plans in advance of your delivery.  


We have 13 dealers right accross New Zealand.

EK1 can be ridden on a car licence or on a learner's licence from 16 years old, plus there is no WOF required and it will cost you less than 1 cent per kilometre in fuel costs. 

Reserve yours and Find your Free.  

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