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Do I need a motorcycle licence?

Horwin EK1 and EK1 DS+ models are classified as a moped under New Zealand regulations. That means as long as you have a full car licence, you don't need a separate licence to ride these this model. Also a moped can be ridden by anyone aged 16 or over with a learners licence. Because they are mopeds, they don't need a WOF (although they must always be kept roadworthy). Mopeds are legally restricted to 50kph. 

EK3 and EK3 DS+ models are classified as LAMS motorcycles and need either a restricted or full motorcycle licence. 

For further information on acquiring a motorcycle licence please refer to the Waka Kotahi website.

How long does a scooter take to charge and do I need a special charger?

All Horwin scooters come with their own charger included, rated at 8A suitable for New Zealand domestic wall sockets. Batteries can be charged in the vehicle or can be charged off the vehicle (except CR6), the charge time depending upon the battery. Our standard 36Ah battery will typically take 4 hours to charge from flat. 

How long is the warranty?

On all Horwin motorcycles and scooters supplied by Horwin New Zealand, the warranty is 24 months for the battery, frame and electric motor and 12 months for the other components. See here for full warranty details. 

How did you calculate 1 cent per kilometre for fuel costs?

All our scooters are electric. We looked at national rates for one kilowatt hour  and used Cantar as a source. A kilowatt hour is the amount of energy used over an hour to use a kilowatt of power. At the time of writing (June 2022) that rate was 20.1 cents per kW/h.

A 36Ah Horwin battery is 2.8kW/h. To fully charge the battery the cost is around 57 cents (2.8 x 20.1) This provides a range of up to 80 kilometres, or a cost of around 0.7 cents per kilometre. 

How long does a battery last? 

The battery has a life of around 1000 cycles. A cycle is a full discharge and a full charge. 


 For example if you rode your scooter 5 days a week for 50 weeks a year, and your commute was 5 kilometres each way, then 1000 cycles would take 10 years.  But a longer commute of 15 kilometres each way every day a battery might need charging every day; in this case the life would be 4 years.


Battery life is also affected by how often it is fully depleted, and also how long it is left between charges, and how the scooter battery is stored. Owners are instructed to read their handbook carefully to maximise battery life. At end of life your batteries can be returned to your authorised Horwin dealer for recycling at no cost.

How often does my Horwin need servicing?

Most Horwin scooters need servicing every 3000 kms or every 12 months, whichever comes first.

Where can I get my scooter serviced?

We have authorised Horwin dealers right across Aotearoa New Zealand. Go to the Find a Dealer page to find teh location of your closest dealer. 

Who is Horwin New Zealand?

Horwin NZ is the official authorised distributor for Horwin scooters and motorcycles in New Zealand. It is privately  owned and operated by a team of automotive experts with a combined experience of over 80 years in automotive, including cars and motorcycles. The sales office is based in Auckland, aftersales (parts, service, technical support, warranty) is operated in Palmerston North. Horwin products are designed in Austria and built in China. 

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