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Built to Deliver.


Delivery quickly, cleanly, efficiently and with zero emissions. The EK DS+ range is here to serve you and your customers.


You can choose from EK1 DS+, a 2.8kW moped ,shown here, which can be ridden on a car licence, or EK3 DS+ a 125cc equivalent (6.2kW) which requires at least a motorcycle learners licence. Both models are visually the same.


Our EK1 offers unrivalled range and ease of use for inner cities. With a large payload, and sturdy rack, its ready for action, and can be ridden by anyone with a car licence. 


Our EK DS+ range is built specially for delivery, with a larger rack (positioned over the bike rather than behind), revised single seating, and extra range, courtesy of a second removable Lithium Ion battery. With a theoretical range of 160 km** the DS+ will keep you going further and saving your business more. And of course you can add additional weather protection, and a choice of your delivery box (box shown for reference only).


At around 1c per kilometre for fuel costs there is no doubt that the EK DS+ will be the most cost effective vehicle on your fleet regardless which model you choose.


The DS+ models come with powerful twin batteries (2 x 72V 36Ah) that can be charged on or off the bike. That's why they ride further to keep your fleet delivering, cost effectively, mile after mile.


DS+ models are only available in white.  The top box shown is for illustrative purposes, but the rack is standard.


Horwin EK1 DS+ $7495 plus ORC

On Road Costs of $285 include 6 months licence, initial registration, PDI and number plates




**Real world range will differ depending upon terrain, riding style, rider weight and load and riding conditions and is likely to be less. We recommed you request a vehicle trial to ascertain what the achievable range is under your typical usage conditions. Maximum range as declared is using a rider of 75 KG at a steady 45 kph.


  • HORWIN EK DS+ are equipped with two removable 72V 2.6 kWh high voltage intelligent lithium batteries. With 36 Ah volume, the range is around 80 km (in Comfort Mode). This is a bigger standard battery than every competitor, giving you a greater range.

    The SOC monitoring system and modern battery management system BMS can effectively reduce failures and provide multiple protection.

    The 10A intelligent charger (supplied) can be used to charge batteries on or off the bike. Removing the battery is as simple. Just unplug a cable and lift-out.

    The battery life is over 1000 cycles (a full discharge and charge) which means for most users a battery should last between 5 and 10 years. Batteries can be returned to your authorised Horwin dealer for recycling at end of life.

    See our FAQ section for more information on battery cycles

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